Exploring and mapping the spots of the world

SpotHunters is a user-populated map of spots anywhere in the world. While Google and other map services are great for finding stores and such, where would you look if you just wanted somewhere nice to sit, smoke a cig, meditate or whatever else you feel like?

A "spot" is simply any recreational location in nature or in cities, such as a well-placed bench. They are rated by their aesthetics, comfort and privacy by the people that visit them, and tagged with any other attributes, such as having a table, a great vista or cover against rain and snow.

As an user, you can submit any spot you know the location of, as long as you have at least one picture of it. Other users can then check in to your spot, providing their own pictures, and optionally a review.

This is a very experimental idea and there's no guarantee that it'll catch on in any way. However, if you are interested in seeing the map and submitting spots yourself, simply send me an email with a bit of text, perhaps about where in the world you live, and I will reply with an invite. As soon as you register, you are welcome to invite your friends as well.